Text of Ottawa Presentations

The Application of Agents in Automated Map Generalization


Cartography and Generalization

Interactive Generalization

Automated Generalization

Automated GEneralization - New Technology.

The AGENT Project

The Consortium - Roles of Partners

Generalisation OODB MAS
Uni Zurich +++
Uni Edinburgh +++
IGN Paris + + +
Laser-Scan + ++
INP Grenoble + ++

What is an Agent ???

What is a Multi-Agent-System (MAS) ?

Multi-Agent-Systems and Generalization

Basic Architecture of an Agent

INPUT: perception stimuli

OUTPUT: actions on agents or environment

Creating Agents at Different Levels


Why Meso-agents ?

Generalization of urban situations needs knowledge about neighbors

The Responsibility of a Meso-agent

The Micro-agent

Constraints on Buildings

From Constraints to Goals


Size: > 300m2
Internal_width: > 20m
Hausdorff_dist: < 20m (from initial position)
Main_orientation: in [Initial_main_orient - 0.1, Initial_main_orient + 0.1]

Analysis of a Building

Finding an Acceptable Solution

Agent Base Class - Agent State Diagram

Meso-agent: Internal Actions

Constraints / Goals


Demonstrators from the AGENT Project

Current Status of Project

Home Page: http://agent.ign.fr