Project Number ESPRIT / LTR /24 939
Project Title AGENT
Deliverable Type Report


Deliverable Number D M7
Internal ID AG-01-01
Actual Date of Delivery 01/02/2001
URL ImplemPlan.pdf
Version 1.0
Workpackage/Task contributing Contact / Annex II / Article 10
Confidentiality Public


Title of Deliverable Technological Implementation Plan



This implementation plan summarises the foreground (i.e. the advances) from the different points of view of the communities associated with this project. It describes:

  • the advance in the geographical information sciences, which can be typified as a new model to generalise the information to be represented on a map.
  • the achievements, progress and perspectives in multi-agent systems and the contribution of AGENT to research and knowledge in the domain.

It presents the exploitation intentions commercial perspectives in the short term:

  • expected commercial exploitation in the software market,
  • expected production exploitation in the mapping industry.

It summarises the actions of the partners of AGENT to promote their acheivements.

Keyword List
Exploitation, Generalisation, Commercialisation, MAS, Geographical information