Project Number ESPRIT / LTR /24 939
Project Title AGENT
Deliverable Type Report


Deliverable Number D A2
Internal ID AG-98-08
Date of Delivery 26/08/98
URL DA2.pdf
Version 2.0
Workpackage/Task contributing A.2
Authors Dept. of Geography, University of Zürich <UNI-ZH>
Confidentiality Public


Title of Deliverable Constraint Analysis


Abstract Constraints are limitations to resources, space, time and potential solutions to problems that must be respected in order to achieve useful results. Constraints to map generalisation derive from controls to map production, as well as procedural considerations. After describing the roles of constraints, specific graphic and geographic constraints are itemised and illustrated. Connections between constraints, data , knowledge, process and agent modelling are described and explored in a using a variety of examples.
Keyword List map generalization, constraints, feature class, map controls, measures, spatial conflicts, multi-agent systems