Project Number ESPRIT / LTR / 24 939
Project Title AGENT
Deliverable Type Report


Deliverable Number D A1
Internal ID AG-98-07
URL DA1.pdf
Date of Delivery 25/08/98
Version 3.0
Workpackage/Task contributing A1
Authors INPG - IGN
Confidentiality Public


Title of Deliverable Generalisation Modelling using an agent paradigm


This report examines the need for modelling the generalisation process within the (multi-)agent paradigm. It gives a short introduction to Multi-Agent Systems and the AEIO paradigm. It tackles the question "what are the agents in the generalisation process". Identifying which are the agents and the organisations in the generalisation process, it gives a framework for the modelling in the next phase of the project.
Keyword List
Agent, Attribute, Environment, Goal, Hierarchical approach, Interaction, Life-cycle, Organisation, Parallel decomposition, Problem Decomposition, Recursive approach.